Communications Specialist, USA
“I want to thank you. You know how stressed I’ve been about having this meeting, and I understand that this is step one of many to growing further, but I couldn’t have done it without you. The pessimist in me is getting a little itch of “what was I so worked up about, I could have just talked to my boss” but our conversation went well because of all the work you and I put into it: refining and reframing the conversation, and really developing a plan. I had responses to her challenges and I always had a thread to pull when she asked for more context. I can’t say how grateful I am to you for your support working through this, it means so much to me. Thank you so much for being such an amazing, supporting, and insightful coach.”

Network Engineer, USA
“Kortney was fantastic in helping me identify how I could make a career change from my life as lawyer.  I have always been a bit of an IT geek at heart, but never realised how my skills could help transform that into a viable career that I loved doing.  We met regularly and established what made me tick and how I could build confidence in pursuing my dream job.”

GIS Data Analyst, Australia
“Kortney is a dedicated coach, who patiently helped me recognize my potential in both personal and professional aspects of my life. She pushed me to go beyond what I thought were my limitations, which made me appreciate my capabilities more than before. I would highly recommend her as a career coach.”

Television Host & Author, USA
“Kortney has demonstrated herself as not only an asset to my career but as a source of timely and needed encouragement when life has thrown me some curveballs. She has somehow found that delicate balance between consolation and persistence, lending me her ear during my frustrations while holding me firmly to the goals I have set for myself.”

Elite Athlete, USA
“Over six months of coaching with Kortney, I was able to vocalize goals and subsequently set specific parameters by which to achieve my goals with notable progress in practices ranging from time-management, meditation, forgiveness, and transitioning from an American expat with a stable life abroad to a transient ultra-marathon runner. Kortney’s guidance helped me cultivate the confidence necessary for a year long undertaking spanning extreme desert conditions on 4 continents in world’s hardest 250km self-supported races. There were many times running in the desert where I drew inspiration from the sessions I shared with Kortney and I valued the investment I’d made in myself as a result. Thank you for the invaluable guidance and mentoring Kortney and another thank you for the support and confident I carry with me today!”

Learning & Development Specialist, Australia
“I came to Kortney for coaching over a 6 month period in 2014/2015 after finishing my masters degree and needing to return to work. After being a full time student for 18 months I found that I had lost some confidence in approaching a very competitive job market. I was out of practice writing resumes, cover letters and addressing selection criteria as I had worked for one organisation for 10 years prior to my return to study. On one particular occasion I came to a coaching session in an anxious state as I had found a role that I was very interested in and was unsure about how to put together an impressive application. Kortney helped me break through my writing paralysis to complete a cover letter and selection criteria which I was able to submit that same day. Having someone physically present to work on documents with me was incredibly helpful. Over our six months together, Kortney helped me develop a bigger perspective on my career options and her coaching helped me better understand what I wanted out of my career and to see many potential paths forward. The resiliency work we did together was useful and helped me towards gaining my current role.”

Personal Assistant, Australia
“I was looking for some part time admin work and even though I had a good resume from nine years prior, I felt that long stretch of maternity leave was working against me. Kortney did such an awesome job on my CV that I was shortlisted or contacted for interviews for about 30% of the jobs I applied for! She also helped me write a really good cover letter so that I could customise it for each job. I found her interview coaching tips really helpful, especially since I had so far back to dredge up examples. In a nutshell, she is worth it.”

American Expat, Australia
“Kortney coached me over a course of about 9 months while I adjusted to life in a new country. She helped me see things through a different and fresh perspective and I felt like I could always count on her to give me very sound and unbiased advice. She has a knack for looking at things from all different angles and seeing all sides of a situation. I would highly recommend her as a coach. I found her very easy to talk to and relate with, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her.”

Psychologist, Australia
“Kortney made me comfortable, helped me stretch my goals, and opened doors for me that I never would have opened without her help. She is always right with me as I grow and every time we meet I learn something new about myself.”